Impact of Role on Clients and the Community

The public and the client rely on and trust the legal advice provided by this Office and expect a high degree of professional competence and integrity. Quality legal services include an expectation that operative rules and regulations are applied correctly and carefully within the context of the legal and ethical demands on a public lawyer.

The value of the services provided depends on the following principles which expect County business to be conducted in a manner which will:

  • Support and promote basic values by practicing the highest ethical standards of the legal profession. 
  • Interpret the law in a fair, reasonable and objective manner which will help the client achieve policy goals and which provides an analysis of legal problems or restrictions. 
  • Litigate in a manner which is in the best interest of the client and which promotes justice by negotiating effectively and being mindful of the expenditure of public funds. 
  • Ensure accuracy and consistency of advice.  
  • Provide for the effectiveness and integrity of advocacy by avoiding conflicts of interest and respecting ethical walls of separation. 
  • Work economically by using good business practices, billing fairly for services rendered and keeping accurate account of time and expenses. 
  • Respect the public trust by being courteous to the public and mindful that government does business for the public, while recognizing that our client is the County and not the general public.

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