Office Overview

The Office of the County Counsel is the legal counsel for the Board of Supervisors, the County Executive, every County department and agency, and numerous County boards and commissions.  The Office provides legal assistance to County departments in addressing a wide range of diverse issues in every area of internal and external service delivery, including but not limited to: land use, tax assessments, labor relations, personnel matters, risk management, health and hospital issues, child dependency and adult protective services, law and justice, public finance, and property management. 

The Office is overseen by the County Counsel and legal operations are supervised by six Assistant County Counsel.  The Office’s attorneys are counselors in the fullest sense, committed to professionalism and to understanding and furthering the needs and goals of the Board of Supervisors and County agencies and departments. 

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  • Attorneys

    Attorneys in the Office of the County Counsel are assigned to "teams" which represent a variety of clients with common interests.

  • Awards

    Professional Awards and Recognition earned by the attorneys of the Office of the County Counsel.

  • Social Justice & Impact Litigation

    The Social Justice and Impact Litigation team of the Santa Clara County Counsel’s Office conducts affirmative litigation on behalf of the County, drafts local ordinances, advocates for state legislation on issues of interest to the County, and develops novel policies and programs to advance the County’s goal of improving the lives of not only its residents, but also the lives of all Californians.

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